10 Reasons why you should protect your investment with an Extended Service Plan

1 Provides Complete coverage up to 5 years.
Most manufacturer limited warranties leaves you with no protection against the rising cost of repairs after the first year of ownership. Extended Service Plans offer the opportunity to obtain coverage for four additional years after the conclusion of the manufacturer's warranty.

2 Fully Insured for Parts and Labor.
Extended Service Plans are fully insured by an insurance company rated "Excellent" by A.M. Best. You will never have to pay for parts and labor of any covered repair during the term of the plan.

3 Toll Free 800 Number.
You can call the toll free number 7 days a week 24 hours a day with questions regarding their service plan or if their product needs repair. This includes our 24 hour technical support from day one for computers.

4 NationWide Service Network
You are supported by over 12,000 service centers nationwide.

5 Repair or Replace Promise
In the event that your product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.

6 No Deductibles or Hidden Charges
Warrantech will pay 100% of all the cost of all parts and labor charges.

7 Remote Control Coverage
Should the remote control included with the product ever malfunction, it will be repaired or replaced.

8 Transferable
In the event that the covered product is sold or transferred at anytime during the term of the Service Plan then the coverage may be transferred to the new owner.

9 Worldwide Service Option
If you take the product overseas, it will be covered for all parts and labor upon expiration of the manufacturer's original warranty. There is an optional model available(RMEXP) to provide you with worldwide service during the original manufacturer's warranty.

10 Renewable
At the end of the prescribed term, you have the option to renew the service plan. (for as long as you own the product)