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FELLOWES 30100 W11C Confetti-Cut Shredder

Item #: 76931 Availability: DISCONTINUED
Mfg Part No.: 30100 Condition: Brand New


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  • Shreds up to 11 sheets per pass
  • Smaller 5/32" x 2" confetti shredded particles provide higher security and less bulk waste
  • Safely shreds staples and credit cards
  • 9" paper entry accepts any standard or legal size document
  • Safety interlock switch automatically powers off when shredder head is lifted
  • Includes 5 1/2 gallon wastebasket








    Product Profile

    This product is built to shred



    paper, staples and credit cards


    It is not built to take paper clips, continuous forms, adhesive labels,

    transparencies, newspaper, cardboard or any plastic other than

    credit cards. Using it for these purposes is likely to cause irreparable



    Sheet capacity* 11 sheets

    Paper shred size 5/32" x 2" (3.9 x 50 mm)

    Maximum paper width 9" (229 mm)

    Recommended daily capacity 25-50 shredding passes

    Maximum running time 5 minutes

    Automatic cool-down period 20 minutes

    *Based on 20 lb., 8-1/2" x 11" paper with shredder operating at rated voltage; heavier paper, high humidity, or other

    than rated voltage may reduce sheet capacity.



    While setting up shredder

    " Check shredder for damage or defects; some paper particles in the basket are normal due

    to product testing and does not indicate a defect.

    " Avoid touching exposed blades on underside of confetti-cut shredder head.

    " Plug power cord in an outlet that can easily be reached.

    " Do not place shredder near or over a heat or water source.

    While operating shredder

    " Keep hands and hanging objects (jewelry, ties, loose clothing,

    long hair, etc.) away from paper entry.

    " Keep children and pets away from the shredder.

    When not in use

    " Always turn off and unplug shredder.

    " Unplug before emptying basket.

    " Do not open shredder head: Danger of electric shock.




    Do not use flammable synthetic oil, petroleum-based products

    or aerosols of any kind on or near product at any time.



    For safety reasons, this model will operate only if the shredder head is in the correct position

    on the basket. Align slot on the side of the shredder head (A) with tab on the side of the

    basket (B) and place it onto the basket in this position.


    For convenience, your shredder is equipped with an



    automatic-start sensor (C)

    . This

    means that when the control switch (D) is on automatic [I] position, the shredder will start running

    when you put paper into it and stop 1 or 2 seconds after the paper has passed through.

    Because the sensor cannot tell the difference between paper and other objects, this feature

    can also be a hazard, especially to children and pets. To avoid accidents, turn off the

    shredder as soon as you are finished. Unplug shredder if it will not be used for an extended


    To shred

    " Plug in shredder with control switch (D) in off [O] position.

    " Slide control switch to automatic [I] position to signal readiness.


    " Feed paper straight into entry (E), until the shredder automatically begins shredding; see

    Product Profile for limits on paper width, shreddable items, sheet capacity, etc.

    " Shred for no more than 5 minutes; shredding longer will cause shredder to turn itself off for

    20 minutes to cool down.

    " Slide control switch to off [O] position after cutting has stopped. Cutting continues for 1-2

    seconds after paper has gone through in order to clear shredded paper from cutting


    Credit Cards:

    " Feed one card at a time, into the middle of the paper entry (E), releasing when shredding

    begins. Shredder will stop when credit card has passed through the entry.

    In case of a



    paper jam

    , which may occur if the shredder is pushed beyond its specified

    capabilities, press the control switch to the off [O] position and empty the basket if full. Then:

    1) Slide control switch in reverse [R] position and attempt to back paper out of shredder.

    2) If shredder jams in reverse mode, slide control switch to automatic [I] position and attempt

    to continue shredding operation.

    3) If shredder jams again, alternate control switch slowly between reverse [R] and automatic

    [I] positions to attempt to move jammed paper completely through shredder.

    If you are unable to clear the jam using this method, turn off and unplug the shredder; remove

    shredder head from the wastebasket and carefully remove any paper extending below the

    cutting cylinders; empty the wastebasket; reassemble the shredder and repeat jam clearing
































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