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Alpine KCA-SC100 Control a SIRIUS plug-and-play radio

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The Alpine KCA-SC100 adapter lets you control a SIRIUS satellite radio with your Alpine stereo. The KCA-SC100 adapter sends song text to the Alpine stereo's display, and lets you browse SIRIUS channels by using Alpine's Quick Search feature. It also supports cool features like Song Alert and Game Alert, so that you'll get notification from the radio whenever one of your favorite songs or sports teams plays on SIRIUS.

When used with a plug-and-play satellite radio that has the SIRIUS REPLAY feature, this adapter even lets you pause and replay SIRIUS programming (for example with the SIRIUS Stiletto). The adapter powers the satellite radio and includes an Ai-Net pass-through connection, so you can add another Alpine accessory (for example a CD Changer or iPod Adapter) to your car stereo system.

This adapter works with all Alpine stereos equipped with an Ai-Net connection, allowing you to control the hide-away tuner or newer SIRIUS portable radios like the Sportster, Starmate, Stratus, or Stiletto. See below for a full compatibility list.

Compatibility List:

  • The KCA-SC100 is compatible with all Sat-Radio Ready Ai-Net Alpine Head-units
  • For SIRIUS reception, you can connect the adapter to either of the following:
  • Sends song text to the Alpine stereo's display
  • Lets you browse SIRIUS channels by using your Alpine stereo's controls

Compatibility List:

  • Alpine Head-Units Providing Category and Channel Search Functions:
    • CDA-Series:
      • 7873/7875/7876/7878/7892/7897/
      • 9805/9807/9811/9813/9815/9825/
    • CRA-Series:
      • 1667RF
    • CVA-Series:
      • 1003/1004
    • DVA-Series:
      • 7996/9860/9861
    • IVA-Series:
      • D100/D300/D310/D900/D901/W200
    • VPA-Series:
      • B211A/B222
  • Alpine Head-Units Providing Category, Channel, Song, Artist Search, Instant Replay and Song, Artist and Game Alert Functions:
    • CDA-Series:
      • 9883/9885/9887
    • IVA-Series:
      • W205/D105
    • iDA-Series:
      • X001
    • All 2007 Ai-Net Head-Units and newer
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