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USA Spec PA20-TOY iPod +Aux. Adapter for select 1998-08 Toyota / Lexus / Scion vehicles (PA20TOY)

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Mfg Part No.: PA20TOY Condition: Brand New

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The New USASpec PA20-TOY provides full control of the iPod™ utilizing the soft keys on Gen 5 Toyota/Lexus Navigation Radios. [Gen 5 NAV systems are those newer radios that have MP3 CD playback capability. These are typically found on most newer 2007-08 Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The PA20-TOY is designed to work with these GEN 5 NAV radios and is also backward compatible with non-navigation radios.] The USA SPEC PA20 features a full on screen menu control and ability to display artist name, song title, Album etc on Toyota/Lexus GEN5 Navigation radios allowing the user to scroll and select artist, album or playlist and make a selection via radio soft keys with full on screen display. No need to fumble with the iPod™ for any reason, you can stow your iPod in a non-visible location and enjoy hours of music. This interface can be used in two modes: Direct Mode and Hybrid Mode--- Direct mode lets you control the iPod directly just as you would in portable mode and Hybrid MODE lets the iPod is operated and controlled like a factory CD changer, you can access up to five playlists on the iPod, in Hybrid mode the controls on the iPod are also available for use. The PA20-TOY also has a single auxiliary input connection for a DVD, Walkman, Satellite Radio etc. Going on a long journey? No problem, the PA20-TOY will also keep your iPod charged. Get rid of the Cassette Adapters, FM Transmitters, or Cigarette Lighter Chargers, the PA20-TOY will provide CD quality sound from you iPod directly to the TOYOTA/Lexus Navigation radio display screen and soft-keys.

General Features:

  • Charging the iPod's™ internal battery.
  • Control of iPod™ playback by using the Navigation Radio soft-keys and display screen
  • Direct audio connection for optimal sound quality
  • Steering wheel controls functions (if so equipped)
  • Display of artist name, song title on Navigation radios and Non-Navigation radios with TEXT button.
  • The PA20-TOY is compatible with all Toyota radios including all factory Nav radios, 6 disc CD Changer radios and is also backward compatible with older Non-Nav Radios.
  • Access unlimited song per each Playlist
  • Auto skip 10+ songs in each play list with FF button
  • Auto maintain current Playlist when migrating from portable to in car use
  • Auto Charge feature charges iPod™ battery and auto stops after 1 hour of non use
  • Single Auxiliary input included for DVD, game, Satellite Radio etc. Note: The Aux. option works with or without the iPod.
  • Compatible with iPod™, Photo, Mini, Nano (1G, 2G, 3G, 4G*), Video, iPhone, iPhone (3G*), iTouch (1G, 2G*) [not compatible with 10GB/15GB iPods or Shuffle]
  • Plug-n-play harnesses are included for easy installation [no additional parts or cables required ]
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